The Haberdashery – Crouch End North London



The cafe counter

On Middle Lane, just off the Broadway in Crouch End, you find this lovely little cafe called The Haberdashery. When we lived in Crouch End a few years ago we were very excited about this new kid on the block. The two charming owners Greg and Massimo made us feel more welcome than anywhere else, and of course this place became a hit among the locals rather quick. Sadly it is not our local cafe anymore, but we occasionally come back for their amazing home made cakes and muffins, and not the least their perfect coffee.


Klar favorittkaffe var flat white laget med espresso fra Nude Espresso. Our favourite coffee drink was a flat white.

On our last visit we  arrived quite late, about an hour before closing time which is 6pm, and it was refreshingly quiet. We could sit wherever we wanted! Usually that is not the case though, and on the weekends it can be rather packed.  However, it is worth every minute, whether busy or quiet. The cake we had this time was a walnut and berry jam cake and it was probably one of the best cakes we have ever eaten. It was very moist, and full of flavour. Their terracotta pot baked muffins are very good too. You can get a good variety of sandwiches such as grilled halloumi and pepper with tzaziki, or sauteed falafel burger with grilled aubergine. All with sourdough bread.


We were lucky to arrive just after the storm…

There is a selection of breakfasts, salads, mains and sides to mention a few things, and a handful of dishes that changes about every week. And then the cakes of course.. The Haberdashery makes their coffee brew with beans from Nude Espresso, and they also have another younger branch in Stoke Newington, London N16. You should spend a morning or afternoon up in Crouch End, it is a very nice little village kind of place. Go for walks in the pretty residential areas or go a bit further north to the lovely Queens Wood. Or how about starting early with coffee and cake in The Haberdashery, then go crazy charity shopping and then sit down for lunch at – yes of  course – The Haberdashery. Just find a weekday when you can be off work and take it veeery easy. The Haberdashery. PS : they will soon be having late  opening hours Thurs-Sat so you can enjoy your supper. If you can’t wait, go to the Stoke Newington cafe…


Amazing, tasty and juicy walnut and berry jam cake and a very good sample of cappuccino with Nude espresso coffee.


Cosy late afternoon in The Haberdashery – and vintage cups displayed on a bottle drying rack.


Fantastic cakes – and an original display…


Vintage crockery for sale


Regular exhibitions at The Haberdashery

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