Melrose and Morgan – Hampstead


melWe went for a walk on the Heath last Sunday (as one does on a Sunday, of course) and desperately needed a caffeine kick after our exercise. Since we hadn’t tried Melrose and Morgan before, the choice was obvious. The red benches outside are enough to lure you in. A lovely shop space opens up when you walk through the large glass shop front, and an array of products are teasing you to pull out your wallet..  60% of the products on display and on the menu are made in Melrose and Morgan’s own kitchens.



How about a moist muffin or a Battenburg cake? Or homemade Seville orange marmalade? You can buy cheese, bread, wine, confectionery, fresh food for eat in or take away, groceries, and of course: coffee. They use a Climpson & Son roast called Baron – and oh, what a good coffee! We ordered a flat white – which was really nice, and a macchiato that was even better. This espresso brew was so good that we wanted to keep it strong.


Flat white with Climpson & Son coffee


Tempting muffins, cakes, lunch, confectionery, marmalade, etc. etc…

Melrose and Morgan is no newcomer. They started up more than 10 years ago in Primrose Hill and increased with their Hampstead branch in Oriel Place 5 years ago. The Hampstead shop has a nice little seating area on a mezzanine level where you can look down on the customers coming in and out of the shop. Rather a perfect view, if you ask us – spying on what people are buying while you’re sipping a perfect macchiato or flat white. We definitely need to go to Primrose Hill soon and test the environment there too..  Melrose and Morgan website


Seating area on the mezzanine


Good view of the shop from the mezzanine area


You get home-made stuff here..

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